The Way She Tried

from by Agenbite of Inwit



Have you ever tried the way she tried?
Bruise hands and bloody lips.
It was the way that she breathed that did her in.

Taste the sea, there's that memory
like your heart is not complete.
She's beyond those stars so far,
holding tightly to one piece.

And you want to hate her for that betrayal
but she didn't leave because she was afraid.
She knew the darkness that was yours
alone to face.

So if you find the road or the road finds you,
that white light will surely blind
and hold you close for all time,

And if you're feeling trapped, then just look into that chart.
Choose to change the plotted course
mapped out by stars. Try and try
the way that she tired.

Try and try and try
the way that she tried.

Move earth to stone to northwind wing.
Build honey gold to sycamore stair
and the secret you thought was yours
will be yours again to share.

The secret you thought was yours
will be yours again to share.


from Safe Passage, released April 1, 2011
Eric Schwan - voice, acoustic guitar
Douglas W. Milliken - additional vocals, everything else



all rights reserved


Agenbite of Inwit Portland, Maine

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